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Studies show 99% of the Danish population consider themselves to be cyclists! Even better, 96% of Danes believe we need to take active steps make it possible for more children to cycle to school. “I love to cycle. I’ve got no clue why,” says Emilie, a six-year-old Danish girl. She is with her friend Vilja, who’s the same age. “When I cycle, I can go to new places faster,” she says in a recent Danish campaign for cycling. I think we can all emphasise with these feelings, and actually the assistance you get from an electric bike amplifies this exhilaration....

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You could be sarcastic and say that anyone launching themselves on a UK Mayoral bid will offer the promise of increased cycling infrastructure in their manifesto, but it certainly does seem to be the trend as new London Mayor Sadiq Khan has committed to continue Boris Johnson’s legacy, and Manchester city candidate Andy Burnham is looking to do the same for the northern powerhouse city. Burnham pledged this boon for cyclists and electric bike commuters if he is elected the first-ever Mayor of Greater Manchester. Below is his short interview with Channel 4 news anchor Jon Snow. Burnham highlights something that...

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The Blaze Laserlight shines a green, laser image of a bike on to the road ahead. This alerts motorists and pedestrians of the oncoming approach of a cyclist in a silent but effective way. Investment has seen the company make deals with cycle hire companies in London and New York with more expected. Transport for London actually approached Blaze about a deal. Blaze see the future of cycling as big for electric bikes, with their perfect use for transport and mobility, especially in big, busy cities.

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I remember visiting Amsterdam back in the 90’s, and I was struck even then by how many bicycles there were and how they seemed to have their own lanes (what a great idea!). Now Amsterdam is a ‘world bicycle capital’, and new book ‘Cycling Cities: The European Experience’ (by Professor Ruth Oldenziel of Eindhoven University) explains how it happened, almost coincidentally. It seems that cycling policy was never a long-term, fixed idea, but more something that evolved over the years. Amsterdam isn’t completely representative of The Netherlands as Rotterdam has relatively low cycling numbers. Today, the centre of Amsterdam sees...

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