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WingLights, the direction indicator lights that you place on the end of your handlebars, have featured on the BBC’s Dragons Den program, and received £45,000 from Dragon Nick Jenkins for a 12.5% stake in the company. Jenkins commented: “I’m really impressed with how Luca and Agostino set up the business, started selling the product and broke even in the first year. That is quite rare and is a pretty good indication that they are backable, which is impressive. Put simply, it is a brilliant product.” Cycl have sold over 16,000 units worldwide, and doubled their turnover in their second year...

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London-based Brompton invested heavily in 2016 developing an electric bike with Formula One group Williams, renting a new factory and investing in a New York office. Managing Director Will Butler-Adams said he hoped the launch of the electric bike at the end of 2017 would kickstart sales, especially in northern Europe. In Germany, the electric bike market has ballooned from about €20m (£17m) 12 years ago to €1.2bn. “We don’t have an electric bike and so we are missing out on that,” Butler-Adams said. The bike has taken four years to develop, but Butler-Adams said it was “monstrously unique” because...

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Automotive giant Ford have created a new four-wheel mode of transport, but it’s not a car - no, this is the Carr-E, a four-wheeled electric pedestrian assistant. The Carr-E can be used to carry luggage or heavy shopping. Once an object is placed on the device, it will follow an electronic transmitter which the users keeps on their person. As shown in the opening photograph, the Carr-E can be used for personal transport, a bit like a Segway. “I really wanted to create a device, that is more than just a hoverboard,” says Ford systems engineer, Kilian Vas. “I was...

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VanMoof have produced stylish electric bikes for the last few years. The latest 2017 model is light (18.4kg), quiet, and it’s stunning looks will be even more stunning when you tell someone that amazing design hides electrical goodies. As well as hiding the battery in the frame, there’s a bluetooth/GSM tracker inside so if the unthinkable ever happened, you (preferably alongside PC Wiggins) can use smartphone app to track it down. The app also offers way to customize the bike’s settings. Unlike earlier versions (such as a pulsing light), the digital readout screen on the top tube now gives you...

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While the idea of flying drones delivering our purchases realistically sounds a few years off, the idea of a few electric cargo bikes zipping around town all day from a base van doesn’t. UPS is piloting delivery by electric bike in Portland, Oregon, in which couriers are using electric trikes rather than full-sized trucks to deliver parcels. IN a big city, the ability to get in and out of traffic, and at times simply go where a van can’t, is huge. Hopefully the couriers are wrapped up well, as being outdoors all day on an e-bike could get a bit...

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