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They say it's not about the destination, it's the getting there. This is true of any bike ride, and one of the pleasures of a simple daily commute is seeing sights like this combine harvester dusting up the sky. And because you're on an electric bike, stopping as often as you like to take photos is no problem, because that Yamaha or Bosch motor will instantly help you get back up to speed.

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We love seeing customers experience their first electric bike 'high'! There's certainly an 'Olympian' feeling to flying along at speed without having to put in the effort you usually associate with cycling. We have electric bikes to suit everyone, from road to mountain to commute to leisure. We know how easy it is to open your eyes to the wonder of electric power.

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A bicycle takes you anywhere. An electric bicycle takes you anywhere, with little effort, and for hours on end. A pop to the shops or a ride to work are great ways to use an electric bike, and when you think that the average UK commute to work is around 10 miles (for about 90% of people), this distance can be covered in thirty minutes on an electric bike, whatever hills you might need to cover. If you can work out a non-road route, even better. A refreshing start and finish to the day, and sweat-free! If you’re of an...

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Matt rides to work every day, and although it's not many miles, there's still one hill which results in a sweat. Matt first tried out the Haibike sDuro HardSeven SL and was very impressed by the Yamaha power, coming back with the 'Electric Smile' we like to see. Even better, Matt tried the Raleigh Strada Electric next with it's automatic Shimano Di2 gearing and Shimano Steps motor, and he was blown away, stating 'it's been while since I smiled like that on a bike.' One more cyclist converted...

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It wouldn't be much fun running an electric bikes shop if you can't have a 'bring your kids to work' day. Here we have Eddie and Lois modelling the Uvex Sportstyle shades, available in a range of colours at only £14.99 each.

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