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Showing the way for the UK, our friends in Holland are now buying more electric bikes (or e-bikes or pedelecs or fun machines!) than non-electric bikes. With 22.5m bikes in a country of 17 million people, 2018 was the first year that overall sales soared past €1bn and the first time more e-bikes were sold than standard bicycles. In terms of units, 409,400 e-bikes were sold, up 40% on 2017. As a result the average price of a bicycle in the Netherlands rose by about €200 to €1,207. In 2011 the average was €734. A key quote regarding great specs...

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Sustrans’ Tim Burns says the battle against air pollution is one that cycling is in a prime position to combat. This article comes in the recent government plan to ban all new diesel and petrol vehicles from 2040. Although welcome, this aim won’t reduce our congested roads or improve a sedentary mode of transport. More people on bikes solves both of those issues. The average distance travelled by car in 2015 is only seven miles, and only 2% of those trips are undertaken by bike (I’m surprised it’s that high). A 3.5 metre-wide single lane can transport 2,000 people an...

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Matthew DeBord has written an article at Business Insider about how cycling has exploded in New York over the last decade. Bike-sharing schemes have popped up, and there are bike lanes everywhere, and bike-oriented traffic signals. People ride their bikes year round, rain, shine, sleet, or snow. DeBord feels there are now as many bike shops as there once were dive bars (a rarity these days). He goes on to mention electric bikes, and how this vast flotilla of bikes has almost taken over the city's transportation ecosystem. "More than three-quarters of a million New Yorkers ride a bike regularly-250,000...

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Bike Radar published a feature on the top five cycling debates that just won't go away. Predictably, helmets are on there, as are the newer phenomenon of headphones (arrrgggh!), competing groupsets (not so sure I'm that worried about this one), waving at other cyclists (think this one was a desperate bit to make a 'five'), and our personal favourite, are electric bikes cheating? Well, of course they are if you're competing against non-electric, no-one's going to argue with this. But the article goes on to say that electric bikes are great for a number of reasons, and should be welcomed. They...

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Regarding the US, Ray Verhelst of the US Electric Bike Association, says the over-45s are the main demographic, with a larger percentage of women riders than Europe. Ray states that the potential for commuting (with most employees living within five miles of their workplace) is huge. Safe and legal places to ride are a concern, much like infrastructure that needs improvement in the UK. Edward Benjamin of eCycle Electric Consultants, says he expects anyone of any age to be a part of the future. Clive Gosling of CSG UK, makes the important observation that they’re for anyone that wants to...

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