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Technbob spent an afternoon with Bosch eBike Systems in the US and rode along the Chicago Lakefront on one of the most beautiful days of the year. They cover all the usual points that make electric bikes such a great idea (no sweat, speed, styles, fitter, health), and overall it’s another good article towards encouraging more of us to adopt the electric lifestyle. Read the whole article here

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Bikes eating cars. It's an odd statement, at first glance, but as cities become more crowded, mass four-wheeled transit cannot cope. If we can double or triple capacity for the roads, then the crowded city is solved. And bike, and especially electric bikes, are the obvious answer. Self-described disruption theorist and analyst Horace Dediu and Karmic Bikes president Hong Quan chat to TechCrunch Editor-in-Chief Matthew Panzarino about the electrified revolution.   It's interesting how in Europe, certain cities are building their infrastructure around the bike first, whether that be traffic lights or lanes. Listen to it here

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In a wonderful sign of the way cycling is becoming the future preferred mode of transport for commuters, the central Glasgow 96,250 sq ft New Exchange development features more than 4,000 sq ft of high-quality basement cycling facilities, including 108 cycle spaces, 108 lockers and 12 showers, for its 700-odd employee capacity. “We think we can make more money through our sustainability strategy, not less,” says managing partner Basil Demeroutis. “We sell it as a feature, and hope to attract a more interesting mix of tenants, willing to pay higher rents and buy into the lifestyle the building represents”. In...

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You might never forget, but for some adults, they never learnt in the first place. It was only recently that a family member popped into the store and after urging them to have a go on one of the electric bikes, they reminded us that they can't ride. So this offer of lessons from Kent County Council (up until March 2017) is a real golden opportunity for anyone you might know that would benefit from the freedom and joy that we all know cycling can give you.

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If you're happy to take your electric bike apart (and with quick release on Haibikes, this isn't hard), then a specialist bike box might suit you better than a rack, such as this one from Thule.

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