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Yamaha told this to Bike Europe correspondent Jo Beckendorff who was the first ever journalist being allowed to have a look at the Yamaha PAS (Power Assist) drivetrain production located in Iwata, south of Tokyo. Iwata is where the HQ of Yamaha Motor Co. Ltd is based. The city also hosts Yamaha Motor Electronics Co. Ltd. 45% of the business of this Yamaha company comes from motorcycles. A big 39% however from e-bike drivetrains. More

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In a sign that electric vehicles are going to enter the 'Twenties' as the big future for competitive track racing, MotoGP are launching an electric category from 2019. Four brands have apparently signed up, and with the US-based Zero Motorcycles being the only serious electric motorcycle manufacturer at present, you would expect them to be one of them. Will any of the other current industry leaders such as Ducati, Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki, and Harley Davidson be joining them? (I'd wager Yamaha simply for their electric bike experience of the last few years) Source

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Wired Magazine have an online feature explaining the professional cycling tour’s fears of tiny motor assistance. In 2016, Femke Van den Driessche was banned from competing after being found guilty of "technological fraud" (using a concealed electric motor) during the Cyclocross World Championships. Motors can be hidden inside a bike's frame - either inside fake water bottles, underneath the seat or inside the frame itself. Riders can activate the motors via Bluetooth by flipping tiny hidden switches in the handlebars. They may be tiny, but a tiny performance increase is priceless when we’re talking about conserving energy cycling uphill. Electromagnetic...

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