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Bikes sales in the Netherlands are up after years of decline, figures from bike retailers organisation RAI Vereniging and motor trade organisation BOVAG show. Some 957,000 bikes were sold in 2017, 3.2% up compared to the previous year. One in three of bikes sold was an electric bike. The sale of new bikes had been going down steadily since 2007 until the introduction and subsequent popularity of the e-bike. In 2017 294,000 electric bikes hit the road compared to 89,000 in 2007. More than half of turnover in the sector is generated by electric bike sales, BOVAG said. Read more...

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Amsterdam-listed Accell Group (home of Haibike and Raleigh) has pulled the plug off talks with private Dutch transportation group Pon Holdings stating the offer failed to provide “adequate recognition of the future value Accell Group can create independently”. The original offer valued Accell at €845m. Hielke Sybesma, interim chairman of Accell, said, ‘Having studied every important aspect of the offer, the supervisory board and the executive board have come to the joint conclusion that Pon Holding’s offer does not sufficiently reflect the future value creation of Accell Group and the expected synergies. It has also become clear that the offer...

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There’s already a non-electric version of this (the Elliptigo) but now those crazy Dutchies have come up with an electric version. And actually, it doesn’t really look that crazy... Lopifit uses a treadmill instead of pedals, and an electric motor assists the movement from the treadmill upon which you ‘walk’ to power the bike. The bike can reach a speed of 17mph and sells for around £2,000. Comments have already pointed out that The Netherlands tends to be very flat, so quite how the Lopifit handles hills remains to be seen, but it’s another ingenious idea, and another great use...

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