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When a progressive political alliance took power over Oslo’s city council in October 2015, they had made one of their first priorities a greener environment. 39% of the city’s CO2 emissions comes from private cars, so the council decided to ban cars from the city centre (despite having a large amount of electric cars). Businesses weren’t happy though, and the council pulled back, but now the plan is to ban parking, thus reducing cars that way (not sure how this would go down in the UK where drivers seem to park where they like, I’ve even seen it on cycle lanes!)...

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Not only are electric bike sales on the increase in the UK, a new report states that sales are estimated to double in Norway this year. What contributes to the success is a subsidy scheme offered by the Oslo city council for residents that buy an e-bike. While non-electric bike sales have remained fairly static, e-bike sales have doubled to 40,000 bikes in 2016, giving them 10% of the overall share. Most electric bikes sold in Norway went for about NOK 20,000 (€2,200), which would tally with the price of crank drive motor manufacturers like Bosch. Throw in that €550...

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