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Paris will offer its residents tax incentives to give up their cars or buy electric bikes, according to a press release. Anyone who purchases an e-bike or upgrades a conventional bike with an electrical assist will receive up to €400 ($495) and those who purchase both electric and conventional cargo bikes will receive up to €600 ($744). The city will also offer €600 for residents who get rid of their personal cars, and a €50 credit to any license-holding resident hoping to join the city's bike-share program. notes the subsidies were introduced after Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo called on...

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Ten years after Paris launched the wildly popular Velib bicycle-sharing scheme, the grey two-wheelers that have spawned imitators worldwide are getting an electric makeover. On Wednesday, the City of Paris unveiled two new, colourful models that will replace the existing, 20,000-strong Velib fleet from January, 30 percent of which will be electric. The frames of the bicycles are still grey but the manual model comes with an apple-green basket and chainguard. On the electric versions, which have a maximum speed of 25 km/hour and a range of 50 kilometres (30 miles), those parts are turquoise blue. Read more here

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The centre of Paris is taking steps to becoming a mecca for cyclists and electric bike riders. Cars have been banned from parts of the French capital recently as part of Mayor Anne Hidalgo’s wider efforts to fight air pollution, with Paris being one of the worst offenders in the world a few years ago. It’s no surprise to see Hidalgo being so aggressive, as she is the new president of the ‘C40 Cities group’, a network of large global cities which share ideas and expertise in the fight against climate change. Around half of Paris was off limits to...

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