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With governments around the world hopeful that roads will become less reliant on cars, within the white paper under the “Future Approaches” segment are two banners recommending the promotion of active travel as a solution, as well as research that outlines the potential of the electric bike in reducing car mileage. In one study the TRL Academy ran alongside 80 Brighton-based volunteers, e-bikes were loaned for a six-to-eight-week period. At the end of that trial three quarters of subjects were shown to have used their bikes to ride 15 to 20 miles per week on Brighton’s mixed terrain, with an...

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A recent spate of articles have been claiming that separate bike lanes worsen air quality. The Guardian refutes this. Transport for London statistics show that just two weeks after the capital’s two new cycle “superhighways” were open, both routes were carrying 5% per hour more people than previously, a figure set to rise as more cyclists use them. Having given 30% of the space to bikes, these now comprised 46% of people using the roads. This makes sense when you realise that the standard traffic engineers’ rule of thumb is that a road that can carry 2,000 cars per hour...

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We read quite a few articles about new electric bike battery technology, and it's common throughout the tech world as we all know that battery power for electric vehicles of all kinds is crucial to the next decade, and the more, the smaller, the better. This one sounds too good to be true. Purdue University researchers have developed a battery technology said to be able to recharge instantly - and it’s cheap and environmentally friendly. I know, and next you’ll be telling me it comes with a magic money tree for the garden... Dubbed the ‘IFbattery’, the tech works as a...

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