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Another great mention of a top electric bike over on The Guardian. The full-suspension Diamondback Ranger 3.0 eMTB uses Shimano’s specific E8000 crank motor, and it's small size and fabulous colour handlebar display really are impressive. Top 500Wh battery and plus-size WTB Ranger tyres make for a fierce electric mountain bike. RRP £3,650 as of July 2017.

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Being featured in The Guardian and The Observer newspapers can only be a good thing for eMTBs and Haibike mainly, of course. And we know it's going to be a great review, because Haibike remain the best eMTB manufacturer out there. The review touches on the main features of a Haibike (in this case, the XDURO NDURO 9.0 2017), but is a bit brief otherwise (much like The Guardian's car reviews, which usually fail to mention one technical aspect of the car!), but all press for Haibike is good press, so we'll take it. Videos are nice too.

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Despite being aware that many of their readers still don’t appreciate electric bikes, Outside Magazine have put together a great look at three eMTBs, one of which is the Haibike AllMtn 8.0 The writer makes a point of saying he’s a fit person, and gives an example of how did a five-hour ride on a Saturday with 7,000 feet of climbing with a friend. The friend felt a Sunday ride would be too much, but the author lent him an e-MTB, and they enjoyed another four-hour epic together. The words ‘tired’ or ‘stressed’ don’t really come into the electric bike...

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Big tech magazine T3 posted up an article pitting three popular electric bikes (well, maybe two, as one we’ve never heard of) against each other. The article does admit a few times that it’s not really exactly a fair fight, as each bike is aimed at different markets. But it’s all generally accurate and fair, and apart from whoever placed the photos in the wrong places (someone clearly doesn’t know their G3 from their Trayser) Out of the three, I would only place the Gocycle G3 as clearly one of the best electric bikes on the market. I doubt even Haibike...

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Mashable producer Jon Lyn tried out the Haibike Xduro AllMtn RX 27.5 electric mountain bike around Prospect Park in Brooklyn. For a first-timer, he seemed to get the hang of it pretty quickly.  

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