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A recent spate of articles have been claiming that separate bike lanes worsen air quality. The Guardian refutes this. Transport for London statistics show that just two weeks after the capital’s two new cycle “superhighways” were open, both routes were carrying 5% per hour more people than previously, a figure set to rise as more cyclists use them. Having given 30% of the space to bikes, these now comprised 46% of people using the roads. This makes sense when you realise that the standard traffic engineers’ rule of thumb is that a road that can carry 2,000 cars per hour...

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Studies show 99% of the Danish population consider themselves to be cyclists! Even better, 96% of Danes believe we need to take active steps make it possible for more children to cycle to school. “I love to cycle. I’ve got no clue why,” says Emilie, a six-year-old Danish girl. She is with her friend Vilja, who’s the same age. “When I cycle, I can go to new places faster,” she says in a recent Danish campaign for cycling. I think we can all emphasise with these feelings, and actually the assistance you get from an electric bike amplifies this exhilaration....

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The Blaze Laserlight shines a green, laser image of a bike on to the road ahead. This alerts motorists and pedestrians of the oncoming approach of a cyclist in a silent but effective way. Investment has seen the company make deals with cycle hire companies in London and New York with more expected. Transport for London actually approached Blaze about a deal. Blaze see the future of cycling as big for electric bikes, with their perfect use for transport and mobility, especially in big, busy cities.

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