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Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Kevin R. Stone in the San Francisco Examiner has written a piece praising the wonders of electric bikes. Opening with the slightly off-putting phrase ‘augmented bicycling’ (thankfully we’re not making larger bikes or virtual reality rides), Dr Stone soon gets on to more common themes such as small motors, increased range, and good example of how what was once a gruelling, three-hour ride through a mountain range with five steep hills can now be done in an hour, with the fun factor increased dramatically, and the whole family can set up their bikes to ride together. The...

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German writer Mark Kreuzer has posted a cool little piece about Bosch electric biking in San Francisco over at Mobile Geeks. You will have to do a google translate on the article, but if you want the basics, Mark was taking part in the Bosch US Innovation Tour and rode 42km up and down those famous San Francisco hills. Mark was surprised to find the Bosch electric bike climbing hills that he wouldn’t have fancied walking up. He was also surprised to learn that Bosch is now the undisputed market leader in electric bike motors and supplies more than 70 well-known...

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