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Electric bikes got their own event at this year’s Sea Otter Classic on the Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, USA. Ninety-five percent of the competitors in the e-bike race were on borrowed, professional bikes. “You still have to handle the bike,” said Jeff Lindenthal of Salinas. “You still need to know how to get through the rock gardens, how to approach the hills and obstacles on the course.” Sea Otter Classic president Frank Yohannan says that electric mountain bike racing has become one of the hottest new cycling events in the world, with Haibike and Bosch fully behind the push. “These...

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Haibike are the best electric mountain bikes in the world, as anyone who rides one will tell you. So good in fact, that one of our recent customers penned an ode to the wonderful German masters. Enjoy!   MY NEW LECCY BIKE When I was a lad I was bicycle mad, and I rode in and out motor cars. And now I'm a man I still ride when I can, with both hands on me handle bars.   Back in the day I rode a fixed wheel, and gears were just but a dream. I had to keep pedalling even...

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Electric bikes powered by the likes of Yamaha and Bosch will take you uphill with ease, and for miles and miles. Bosch like to c all it the 'uphill flow'. Last year, Yamaha and Haibike demoed 2017's PW-X motor, found in Haibike SDURO models over £4,000 (these ones in fact FullSeven 7.0, AllMtn 7.0, NDURO 7.0, AllMtn 8.0, NDURO 8.0) This video shows you just how much fun a PW-X powered Haibike can be in the urban jungle.

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An article on the ebike mtb website celebrates twenty years of Haibike in 2017. The market leader in the world of electric mountain bikes, the article makes the entirely justified claim that Haibike are responsible for the greatest innovation since mountain bikes were created. We’re not going to argue! The CEO of Haibike, Susanne Puello, comes over as the driving force behind this momentum, and it’s fascinating to hear of EUROBIKE 2010 and how the German brand unveiled two E-MTBs and an E-Trekking bike, with their ePerformance attributes causing quite a stir. “The opinions of journalists and industry trade fair...

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This American review of the new 2017 Haibike SDURO AllMtn 6.0 is a detailed one as always, and includes a 30 minute+ video that Electric Bike Review do so well. You certainly get a good sense of what the bike can do and how it responds. It’s worth remembering that although you can buy this model in the UK, the US has a slightly higher top assisted speed (20mph) so it’s not exactly the same. The 2017 Haibike SDURO AllMtn 6.0 is £3,700 in the UK, and you can pre-order one now right here.

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