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Whenever we might feel aggrieved at some driver or the council for some bizarre cycling lanes, spare a thought for the women of Iran who are made to feel morally bad for riding a bicycle! This feature in The Guardian details how Iranian women are riding regardless, which should surely be encouraged in cities like Tehran where car pollution is incredibly high. Photographs of Iranian women on social media of themselves on their bikes can be found with the hashtag #IranianWomenLoveCycling. One woman posted a photograph of herself on a mountain bike stating: “When I was a child, my parents...

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Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Kevin R. Stone in the San Francisco Examiner has written a piece praising the wonders of electric bikes. Opening with the slightly off-putting phrase ‘augmented bicycling’ (thankfully we’re not making larger bikes or virtual reality rides), Dr Stone soon gets on to more common themes such as small motors, increased range, and good example of how what was once a gruelling, three-hour ride through a mountain range with five steep hills can now be done in an hour, with the fun factor increased dramatically, and the whole family can set up their bikes to ride together. The...

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Barely more than a press release, but at least it's nice to see the MSM continue to recognise the electric bike push. The basic facts are there, and as so often with The Guardian's bike (and car) reviews, it doesn't seem guaranteed that the 'reviewer' has ridden the bike, but I guess newspapers are cutting editorial in the face of clickbait websites. The comments are better than the review, which isn't uncommon. Quite a few ebike defenders on there, noticeable that the tide is turning... Source

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There's an interesting fluff piece in today's London Evening Standard all about how cycling has become the new smoking, in the office environment at least. Before smoking began it's retreat into the cracks of non-acceptable behaviour, the areas where people used to gather to smoke (either outside or in the smoking rooms) always seemed to be where the best gossip was. Now this writer suggest that bike changing areas are where people hang out and exchange 'goss', and even do deals while changing shirts.     Something to mull over next time you want to really know what's going on...

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