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TfL has concluded that assisted bike schemes put forward to them cannot deliver “strong value for money”. An electric bike trial planned for Haringey was dropped in favour of funding other transport projects deemed to deliver a better return on investment. Peter Blake, Director of Service Operations at Transport for London, said: 'We are supportive of any initiative that gets more people cycling, either by pedal power or electric. We had investigated the feasibility of trialing an e-bike hire scheme in Haringey but, because of the need to prioritise projects that deliver strong value for money, the decision was taken by TfL...

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The famous ‘Boris’ bikes now sponsored by Santander (in London red) were hired a record amount in January 2017 compared to the same month in 2016. Transport for London said its Santander Cycles were hired out a total of 638,491 times during January - more than 50,000 times more than the same month last year. 2016 was a record-breaking year (more than 10 million journeys) so it looks like 2017 will easily top that. London Mayor Sadiq Khan said: “I’m delighted that record numbers of Londoners are using our world-famous Santander Cycles to travel around the capital. Cycling helps to...

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The Blaze Laserlight shines a green, laser image of a bike on to the road ahead. This alerts motorists and pedestrians of the oncoming approach of a cyclist in a silent but effective way. Investment has seen the company make deals with cycle hire companies in London and New York with more expected. Transport for London actually approached Blaze about a deal. Blaze see the future of cycling as big for electric bikes, with their perfect use for transport and mobility, especially in big, busy cities.

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The previous London mayor Boris Johnson seemed to spend half his life on a bike, and as yet I don’t believe we’ve seen the new mayor Sadiq Khan atop one (maybe someone can get him on an electric bike?), but he has just promised to spend £770m on cycling initiatives over the course of the next four years, saying he wants to make riding a bike the “safe and obvious” transport choice for all Londoners. This commitment (about £17 per person per year) comes close to the amount spent in wonderful bike-friendly cities like Copenhagen and Amsterdam. Two new cycle...

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