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New Michigan laws will allow bicyclists to use electric-assisted bikes on roads and paved trails. The legislation signed by Gov. Rick Snyder on Monday defines the bikes in law and classifies them based on speed and other factors. Under current law, e-bikes are treated the same as a moped, requiring licensing and insurance. Certain e-bikes will be allowed on paved multi-use trails unless local communities opt out. Other electric bikes will be allowed if authorized by the local authority or state agency with jurisdiction over the trail. Read more here

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The first E-Mountainbike Trans Alp from Eibsee to Venice.Why do people do things? In order to succeed? For money? To be the first? Or from pure passion? There are many reasons! Haibike try to be the first, undertaking an electric bike ride on a trans-alp tour from the Eibsee near Garmisch to Venice. In front lies more than 600 kilometres and tens of thousands of uphill metres. Christian will take several stages, because he wants to know how fast one can ride with e-mountain bikes in the steep terrain uphill. Guido, Germany's most successful free-rider, finds the idea of a trans-alp with...

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The US Haibike is moving it’s base of operations from California to Denver, the capital of Colarado. It’s an expansion that will see them move into a 2,100-square-foot building. Not only will the base be getting a big increase, more staff will come onboard too. Ken Miner is the US director of sales and he says that Haibike more than doubled its number of bikes sold from 2015 to 2016. He also said that Colorado’s attitude toward e-bikes factored into the decision when it came time to relocate his company as the state is one of only five in the...

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