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Showing the way for the UK, our friends in Holland are now buying more electric bikes (or e-bikes or pedelecs or fun machines!) than non-electric bikes. With 22.5m bikes in a country of 17 million people, 2018 was the first year that overall sales soared past €1bn and the first time more e-bikes were sold than standard bicycles. In terms of units, 409,400 e-bikes were sold, up 40% on 2017. As a result the average price of a bicycle in the Netherlands rose by about €200 to €1,207. In 2011 the average was €734. A key quote regarding great specs...

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Everybody is making them now, and they are getting really good. Not long ago in TreeHugger I quoted Horace Dediu: “Bikes have a tremendous disruptive advantage over cars. Bikes will eat cars.” And while all the press and the big investors are gaga over electric and self-driving cars, I continue to believe that bikes will own the future. I am not alone; even a disinterested observer can see the future here. A few weeks ago I visited the big Auto Show and there was an electric car section that you could shoot a cannon through, and not much innovation, not...

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Bicycles are the sharks of transportation, virtually unevolved through a century of technological upheaval in automobiles and airplanes. But shrinking motors and newly powerful batteries have, in the past couple of decades, enabled rapid advances in electric bikes. Electricity expands the bicycle’s range—and, perhaps, the range of people who will feel capable of riding one in the city. Last month, I spent a week riding an e-bike around a city that struck me as a perfect test for the tech’s appeal: Los Angeles. Great weather and lots of quiet streets make L.A a decent biking city; formidable hills and great...

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Three Island businesses are celebrating after securing sustainable transport funding from the Isle of Wight Council. The funding awards follow the launch of the Active Travel Innovation Grant Fund in July 2017, when the council put out the call for organisations and businesses to submit applications for funding to deliver innovative active travel projects. The successful applicants will introduce a range of initiatives, aimed at encouraging more cycling and walking on the Island, including increasing the availability of electric bikes for both employee and visitor travel. More

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Sustrans’ Tim Burns says the battle against air pollution is one that cycling is in a prime position to combat. This article comes in the recent government plan to ban all new diesel and petrol vehicles from 2040. Although welcome, this aim won’t reduce our congested roads or improve a sedentary mode of transport. More people on bikes solves both of those issues. The average distance travelled by car in 2015 is only seven miles, and only 2% of those trips are undertaken by bike (I’m surprised it’s that high). A 3.5 metre-wide single lane can transport 2,000 people an...

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