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Regarding the US, Ray Verhelst of the US Electric Bike Association, says the over-45s are the main demographic, with a larger percentage of women riders than Europe. Ray states that the potential for commuting (with most employees living within five miles of their workplace) is huge. Safe and legal places to ride are a concern, much like infrastructure that needs improvement in the UK. Edward Benjamin of eCycle Electric Consultants, says he expects anyone of any age to be a part of the future. Clive Gosling of CSG UK, makes the important observation that they’re for anyone that wants to...

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London-based Brompton invested heavily in 2016 developing an electric bike with Formula One group Williams, renting a new factory and investing in a New York office. Managing Director Will Butler-Adams said he hoped the launch of the electric bike at the end of 2017 would kickstart sales, especially in northern Europe. In Germany, the electric bike market has ballooned from about €20m (£17m) 12 years ago to €1.2bn. “We don’t have an electric bike and so we are missing out on that,” Butler-Adams said. The bike has taken four years to develop, but Butler-Adams said it was “monstrously unique” because...

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The sustainable travel support scheme will focus on providing 1-to-1 travel advice and training for active job seekers on the Island, and offer support with the cost of sustainable transport. Whilst job seekers already benefit from an existing discount for rail travel, this project will provide support for additional modes including bus, electric bike and the recently launched car club operated through Co-Wheels. The scheme is being delivered in partnership with JobCentre Plus and Sustrans, the UK charity helping people to travel sustainably and is 1 of 11 projects being delivered by the Isle of Wight Council through its Sustainable...

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It's not just electric bikes that are getting attention. This article details how electric power is being added to skateboards (I've always thought that looked like hard work), scooters, and a rather expensive ($11,000) electric trike. As the article points out, as technology enables more range and smaller casings, so the tech can be used on all manner of vehicles. Metroboard sells a large-scale skateboard with a 40 mile range. The most popular electric skateboard maker, Boosted, unveiled a second gen board in 2016 with an extended range battery that promised up to 14 miles, but technical issues caused a...

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Automotive giant Ford have created a new four-wheel mode of transport, but it’s not a car - no, this is the Carr-E, a four-wheeled electric pedestrian assistant. The Carr-E can be used to carry luggage or heavy shopping. Once an object is placed on the device, it will follow an electronic transmitter which the users keeps on their person. As shown in the opening photograph, the Carr-E can be used for personal transport, a bit like a Segway. “I really wanted to create a device, that is more than just a hoverboard,” says Ford systems engineer, Kilian Vas. “I was...

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