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Bosch have opened a new Uphill Flow Trail at the Geisskopf. It’s classed as a blue route with perfect narrow curves built into the forest, and technically challenging red and black areas can be found just off the main route. The riders at EMTB news climbed the route four times, so when you think that’s also four times down, eight great trail rides in a row isn’t bad. Watch the video to see how they got on.

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These GMBN guys know how to put a fun video together, and ones that truly demonstrate the power and potential of eMTBs. It's a bit disappointing not to the e-bike race the non e-bike up the hill too and see just how much longer it would take someone, but I guess that's the point of the video, that no-one cycles up the mountain when you have a lift. But for most of us around the world, we don't have the luxury of lifts!!

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This ride on the mountain trails using the Bosch Performance Line CX electric mountain bike system in Sedona, Arizona (with Claudia Wasko and Jonathan Weinert from Bosch eBike Systems​) really shows you how much fun a relaxed ride out on rocky terrain can be. No jumps or fast turns here, just a bike that's built for outrunning bears!

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