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Irish enduro racer Greg Callaghan recently spoke about how he often trains on an electric bike, or an eMTB to be precise. ‘There is a bit of stigma around them, but as my teammate says, 'I’ve never seen someone ride an e-bike without a smile'. Anyone who gives it a chance and rides one loves it. I love mine. Normally I’ll use it when I have a recovery ride planned. I’ll go out for a couple of hours on the e-bike because you get more trails done. You get way more value for the energy and time you put in....

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Flow is a real buzz word among mountain bikers in Germany. Stories and advertisements for guided tours talk about ‘flowy trails’. An otherwise unspecified Flow Valley is starting to emerge in southern Munich and Harald Philipp, a mountain bike alpinist, teaches Flow in books and on reading tours. Bosch has also embraced the topic of Flow, more specifically that of Uphill Flow, which is what biking guide and riding technique instructor Stefan Schlie and Claus Fleischer, CEO of Bosch eBike Systems, are calling their concept. “Flow is precisely the zone between over-exertion and under-exertion, the zone where you feel the...

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Uphill Flow Bosch e-bike systems CEO explains Claus Fleischer defines the high adventure value as follows: "When on tour with a traditional MTB it takes you about four times as long to do all the uphills than it takes for the downhills. The long, excruciating uphills are nothing to enjoy and it's too draining to talk to anybody. With an eMTB, the ratio is two to one and the two uphill periods are actually enjoyable - and that's Uphill Flow.”

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