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Celebrating 200 years of the bicycle, some wacky Belgians have come up with an electric wooden 'dandy horse' bicycle. As soon as the rider pushes off from the ground, the motor starts and provides additional power during the entire ride. To honor Karl von Drais (the father of the bicycle), the ‘Draisine 200.0’ model is built completely of wood and is braked using a sort of foot pedal on the wooden front wheel. In the center of the wooden back wheel is a 200W electric motor, driven by a 750g battery. Through a cable, the electric motor is connected to...

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We’re probably no different to you in enjoying a slightly out-there cycling story. Italian company GiocoSolutions are pressing ahead with an electric bike on an unusual frame. Less frame, more branch... At 22kg, the Wood E-Bike (or WEB) is made of birch wood and okumè (an African hardwood) and has undergone processed "boating" to make it water-resistant. There’s a rear hub motor and the 560Wh battery (up to 120km distance) is tucked away in the frame. Is it a great idea to have Lithium-Ion housed within wood? Presumably this has been considered. No price has been announced as yet.

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