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We always like to flag up a good Haibike review, and here's a good one from Tech Radar. All the major pluses of the Haibike Street 2.5 are highlighted, and it's sure to be one of the best-selling electric bikes for 2019. Enjoy.

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The American arm of Yamaha Motor Corp. will begin selling its first branded power-assist electric bicycles. The Japanese giant, which manufactures everything from motorcycles and musical instruments to personal water scooters and motorboats, will begin selling Yamaha Power Assist Bicycles through U.S. dealers in 2018. Yamaha has been in the e-bike business for decades, as a designer and builder of electric bicycle power trains. The company said it has produced more than 4 million drive units for other brands. These will be the first Yamaha bicycles sold in the U.S. More

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Yamaha told this to Bike Europe correspondent Jo Beckendorff who was the first ever journalist being allowed to have a look at the Yamaha PAS (Power Assist) drivetrain production located in Iwata, south of Tokyo. Iwata is where the HQ of Yamaha Motor Co. Ltd is based. The city also hosts Yamaha Motor Electronics Co. Ltd. 45% of the business of this Yamaha company comes from motorcycles. A big 39% however from e-bike drivetrains. More

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Manager Scott Keyzers says ‘All we deal in is electric bikes’, which is a good for the locals as Malibu has lots of hills and its very difficult to ride. Keyzers says the shop has seen customers of all shapes and sizes and can cater for everyone. The shop carries Haibike and other top European brands, with prices starting at about $2,500 with the average selling at $4,000. Keyzers goes onto to state that they ‘only service the bikes that we sell so we don’t really function like a normal bike shop.’ Source

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Electric bikes got their own event at this year’s Sea Otter Classic on the Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, USA. Ninety-five percent of the competitors in the e-bike race were on borrowed, professional bikes. “You still have to handle the bike,” said Jeff Lindenthal of Salinas. “You still need to know how to get through the rock gardens, how to approach the hills and obstacles on the course.” Sea Otter Classic president Frank Yohannan says that electric mountain bike racing has become one of the hottest new cycling events in the world, with Haibike and Bosch fully behind the push. “These...

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