Talking E-Bikes With Haibike

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Talking E-Bikes With Haibike

Like it or not, e-bike are quickly becoming a key sector in the industry, and that isn’t going to change any time soon. I sat down with Haibike’s Gareth Davies to discuss how the image of the e-bike has changed, and where Haibike’s place in the future of the industry lies.

There was a time when the concept of e-bikes was cheapened by low-quality Chinese factory exports, what do you think were the major progress points in changing that image?

True electrical giants came to the party. Panasonic, Bosch, Yamaha all made fantastic in-roads with product that had a true lifespan. All e-bikes are immediately fun, but those brands recognized that quality still needs to be in the product in three years, five years, ten years… The next step of course was implementing that technology, the birth of the Xduro in 2010 has spawned a huge e-mtb element to the e-bike industry.

How is business for you at the moment? What feedback are you receiving from customers?

Great, we’ve been heavily involved in e-bikes for many years now to the extent we are seeing sales from both repeat and second generation purchasers. Customers really appreciate the innovation we bring to the market – this isn’t just through the use of the latest Yamaha and Bosch systems but also with the likes of our Modular Rail System for MY18 which allows various accessories such as a second battery, a lock, a carry pack or water bottles to be attached to the bike both quickly and easily.

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