The big UK Brompton brand google talks electric

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The big UK Brompton brand google talks electric

We’ve been hearing about the Electric Brompton bike for some years now, and proposed launch dates have been and gone. This article in Bike Biz throws some light on the subject, with it sounding like the Brompton guys want to get it right first time, similar to how Apple spend years developing their products (and even then, most would agree the Apple Watch didn’t quite succeed, and will the Apple Car (or television set) ever see the light of day?)

The e-bike revolution shouldn’t be seen as much of a surprise when bicycles haven’t dramatically changed much in their entire history. Even now, electric power doesn’t change the essentials of cycling, but merely opens cycling up to a new audience and new possibilties.

With the Netherlands, Germany, and China at the forefront of electric bikes sales, it only seems like a matter of time before the whole world ‘goes electric’.

Will Butler-Adams, the managing director of Brompton, certainly seems to think this is coming. In a talk he gave to Google employees back in July 2016, he said the modern bicycle ‘basically hasn’t changed’ since 1916 and had ‘gone nowhere.’ But, said Butler-Adams, ‘that is about to change because we're putting technology into a bicycle.’

And we know what technology he’s talking about...

‘We’ve spent ten years on this project,’ he told the Google employees.

Watch here for the whole forty-nine minute talk.