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The Rio Olympics EDerny

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The Rio Olympics EDerny

If you've been watching the track cycling at the Rio Olympics, you might be intrigued by the EDerny. First used in London at the end of 2014, it's used during the 'Keirin', speeding the riders up to 50km/h. After four laps, the EDerny leaves the track and the actual race finishes two very fast laps later.

Whatever they might state on the news coverage, it's not an electric bike, at least not how we understand them. It's really an electric scooter. It's top speed of 60kmh is unassisted, so it fails on that criteria alone as electric bicycles need to be pedalled, although with very little effort if you like.

It's also 47kg in weight, so you won't be putting it on your bike rack.

That top speed also brings the range down, with around 40 miles possible,  a lot less than a 400Wh battery.

And the really bad news, the Elmoto EDerny is classified as 'Moped L1E', so you'll need tax and insurance and all those other pesky things. Good to see electric technology in the Olympics though. Perhaps there'll be an electric bikes category of some sort one day...

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