VanMoof continue with the Electrified S

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VanMoof continue with the Electrified S

VanMoof have produced stylish electric bikes for the last few years. The latest 2017 model is light (18.4kg), quiet, and it’s stunning looks will be even more stunning when you tell someone that amazing design hides electrical goodies.

As well as hiding the battery in the frame, there’s a bluetooth/GSM tracker inside so if the unthinkable ever happened, you (preferably alongside PC Wiggins) can use smartphone app to track it down. The app also offers way to customize the bike’s settings.

vanmoof electrified s electric bike

Unlike earlier versions (such as a pulsing light), the digital readout screen on the top tube now gives you information such as speed and distance remaining, and the quoted minimum distance on one charge is thirty miles (up to a possible seventy-five).

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