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Watch out mountain bikes, electric bikes coming through

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Watch out mountain bikes, electric bikes coming through

Mountain bike pro Stefan Schlie confidently states ‘the e-MTB Will Replace the Mountain Bike’.

Former trial pro Stefan Schlie says that even the biggest detractors change their tune once they’ve had a go. Working for Bosch in the further development of their Performance Line CX motors, Schlie believes e-mountain biking is offering a new kind of challenge.

“The e-bike is becoming state of the art,” says Schlie, and he has nine reasons for this:

1. The e-bike is for everybody. Stronger riders just choose a lower level of support for the engine, or shut it off entirely.

2. E-MTB as the perfect training device after an injury, or for interval training.

3. E-biking is comfortable

4. E-bike extends enjoyment. Save energy, ride longer.

5. Trails are conquerable, even uphill. Those wanting to test an official uphill trail should visit the Bavarian Forest. The world’s first ‘e-bike uphill flow trail’ was opened there in the Bikepark Geisskopf in spring of 2017.

6. Reliable electric drive on the bike means the biker can focus entirely on the trail.

7. E-MTB replaces walk and lift

8. The e-MTB can replace cars in the city.

9. Electric bikes convince all-comers.