What might the future hold for electric bikes?

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What might the future hold for electric bikes?

Regarding the US, Ray Verhelst of the US Electric Bike Association, says the over-45s are the main demographic, with a larger percentage of women riders than Europe. Ray states that the potential for commuting (with most employees living within five miles of their workplace) is huge. Safe and legal places to ride are a concern, much like infrastructure that needs improvement in the UK.

Edward Benjamin of eCycle Electric Consultants, says he expects anyone of any age to be a part of the future.

Clive Gosling of CSG UK, makes the important observation that they’re for anyone that wants to get more riding, more distance, and more speed in for an allotted time.

Niko Lindner of Cube, says electric bikes equalise the market, and whereas six years ago they only had two different models, they now offer more than 100 and still consider this the beginning.