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Why do some European countries (Denmark!) just get it SO right?!

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Why do some European countries (Denmark!) just get it SO right?!

Studies show 99% of the Danish population consider themselves to be cyclists!

Even better, 96% of Danes believe we need to take active steps make it possible for more children to cycle to school.

“I love to cycle. I’ve got no clue why,” says Emilie, a six-year-old Danish girl. She is with her friend Vilja, who’s the same age. “When I cycle, I can go to new places faster,” she says in a recent Danish campaign for cycling.

I think we can all emphasise with these feelings, and actually the assistance you get from an electric bike amplifies this exhilaration.

The secret in Denmark is segregated, curbed bicycle lanes, where the layout of every inch has been taken into consideration. Copenhagen is Europe’s cycling capital, and it seems that children are the cornerstone of their urban mobility.

Danish Health Authority surveys show that children who bike to and from school have improved self-esteem, they are more social, self-reliant, less stressed, better concentration, and happier and healthier.